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The star anise properties in Thai Herbal Inhaler

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Star anise


Anise is a plant that is used as a spice. And also classified as a kind of Chinese herb Which in China has been used for over 1300 years. The fruit has a strong aroma and a hot taste. Relieve headache in patients with migraine.

Anise qualifies as a yang. Helps to add warmth to the body in the cold and humid weather. It has a slightly hot taste and a little sweetness. Not too hot like other herbs.

Anise seed extracted Shikimic acid, a major precursor to the synthesis of Tamiflu.

It is resistant to many types of viruses. Including Avian Flu and 2009 Influenza (seeds)

Helps to cure colds, reduce fever.

Properties and benefits of anise

- Essential oil is mixed with licorice to help relieve cough.

- Essential oils are used in medicine, powder for asthma.

- Helps treat chronic inflammation in the respiratory system. Digestive system And urinary system

- Helps relieve bronchitis symptoms

At present, star anise is applied in aromatherapy. Or aroma therapy As anise contains essential oils That can help relieve stress, relieve anxiety, and help you feel energized