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The Black Pepper Seeds properties in Thai Herbal Inhaler

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Black Pepper Seeds Properties

black pepper

 We select very mature dried fruit but not yet ripe, round, dry fruit with black skin, rough outer skin, wrinkled, about 4-6 mm in diameter, dark brown to black outer shell. Wrinkled like a net At the poles there is a notch Black pepper has a brown-black color with a pungent smell and a slight spicy taste.

 In black pepper, there is 1-2.5% essential oil and the main alkaloids are 5-9% Pipercanine and Piperidine, which is a spicy and pungent odor. The oil in black pepper. (Sarapperine) is diluted with water, then inhaled or rubbed on the skin. To make breathing more clear, reduce fever, chills, kill germs well And can be mixed with oil and then massaged on the sore muscle area

In addition, the smell of the pepper also stimulates the brain to feel alert. Breathe more easily

Properties of black pepper seeds

- Pepper seeds have the effect of stimulating the nervous.

- Helps relieve insomnia

- Helps to warm up the body and strengthen the immune system as well.

- Helps relieve symptoms and cure coughs, asthma, hiccups.

- Helps to cure colds and reduce fever

- Helps prevent falling asleep When driving tired or drowsy, smell the pepper to make you feel more alert.

- Pepper essential oil helps heal those who are addicted to smoking. It will help reduce cravings and reduce frustration.